The Effective Front

The goal is to bring filmmakers from around the world together to work in three distinct ways. This collaborative process is demonstrated through filmmaking, social messaging and education. This three-pronged approach provides for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Social Messaging

Tentatively the social message is human rights. This type of social message aligns with hundreds of organizations throughout the world. It is advantageous for these organizations to support the project due to such similar messaging. Their support will mainly come in the form being a communication funnel to their audience. Also, they will purchase the film and schedule private screenings.

Based on the number of filmmakers participating that number divides into 90% of the revenue received for the sales and rentals of the film. In addition, filmmakers receive 70% of the profit from their course sales.

A great deal of marketing will take place in conjunction with the organizations. We will implement a strategy that leverages their members, their influence with their communities and their social media outlets.

Secondary marketing efforts will occur via YouTube, a website and other social media. We will also seek specialized distribution at the American Film Market for this type of project.

  1. Recognizing the gifts and talents of others.
  2. Respect each other’s approach to life.
  3. Empower when able.
  4. Showcase the value of human life through storytelling.

My name is Brian Southers and I am a filmmaker, social advocate, educator and technical junkie. I have a startup in Austin, Texas that deals with video production, e-Learning and video analytics. I am bringing all my skills to the table in order to connect with other filmmakers around the world. The goal is to create compilation projects with a social impact that are compelling, engaging and can cause action. Then take this information and reuse it in e-Learning courses for others.

Interested connect with me via LinkedIn.

Skype: b-south